Friday, May 29, 2009

See you later, Baltimore: Things I'll miss encountering on a regular basis.

A personal favorite photographic subject.
A personal favorite Ben and Lili
One of the greatest views. The back of Ryan's and Alex's head on the way to some sort of delicious meal/photo excursion.
Favorite building to photograph.
Favorite Cupcake and Pookie, my fellow food whores.
Best person to regress into the 1950s with.
Favorite May

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kiss Off

Arthur Fellig was the first "professional artist" photographer I can remember being exposed to, I can still remember being in the back seat of my-best-friend's-dad's Bewick picking his brain about photography. I was a sophomore in high school taking my first photography class- my first art class outside of school. I had asked him "who should I look at?" and without hesitation he said "Weegee. The man was nuts." If you know Mr. Hill, then you know that this was pot calling the kettle black situation. The next weekend we (myself, Claudia, Mr. Hill and reluctant Ted) went to see Weegee's work on exhibition in downtown Philadelphia, I remember being enticed and overwhelmed by the amount of photographs we saw that day but somehow I can vividly remember a good 70% of them right down to the uneven, torn down edges. What I did miss from that experience was the gem of a movie staring your friend, and mine- Joe Pesci.

More Weegee.