Friday, January 22, 2010

For the Love of Chandeliers

My friend Lauren sent me this post from one of our favorite blogs, Kingdom of Style about chandeliers designed by BOA Design Studio. I get it. It's contemporary. But I don't think it's a chandelier. Just say the word, chandelier, it's grand and elegant sounding. They shine and sparkle with beautiful details. I feel as though this minimalist creation by BOA needs a new name other than chandelier. To be honest, I thought calling this piece a chandelier was inaccurate to say the least. In fact I was so annoyed I frantically searched the internet (and my own photos) for chandeliers that meet my ideal of what a chandelier looks like.

Henri Bendel Holiday Window Display 2009

(In)decorous Taste's dining room

MICA office, Baltimore MD

Sand Castle Vineyard, PA 2010

So give me drama, details, crystals and elegance or give me death!

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  1. Ahh! The dining room, haha!! All this crystal is making my head spin in the best way possible. I think chandeliers require crystal (I say this, surrounding by a mirror top desk with a mirror in front, and like, you know, 20 glass bottles and crystal baubles that are actually CONSUMING my computer. Obsession?). And, you'll be a happy to know, the latest addition on the desk is a giant crystal ball, the kind that hangs from the bottom of a chandelier... found it at the Impact Thrift, 4.00! I think we should do some thrifting, soonnnn. Lauren