Friday, February 12, 2010

Cabin Fever

What do you do when you are held hostage in your own home by a blizzard and the power goes out? Well, there's always a good book to cuddle up with but reading by candle light a night can be painful on the eyes. Board games with the family? That'll do for a little bit but when you catch one of your relatives cheating (and you know there is always one) or you eventually simply get bored, you're back to square one. How many games of solitaire can a person play? If you are me, you bust of the ole' camera documenting as many snowflakes as possible, taking portraits of family members and then there is always using whatever flashlights/candle lights you have available to create interesting cast shadows from various objects around the house. So, I present to you my power outage shadow series care of Wednesday's blizzard.

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